10 – 14 Uhr
im Juli & August


Is a pure natural product that is produced from ground cotton and it is recyclable.
Combined with natural colour pigments, it generates a multitude of creative possibilities.
The material is skin friendly and well adaptable.

Buffalo Horn

This is a luxurious, timeless, lightweight, natural and undyed material free of allergens and 100% recyclable. Shades and hues from very dark to nearly white is what makes each eyewear unique. Horn is a marginal product of livestock.

Precious Metals

Gold is among the first metals processed by humans. To this day, it is synonym and symbol for lasting value. Eyeglasses made of 18-karat gold and 950/0000 platinum are individually produced in cooperation with goldsmiths.

Gold Jewellery Eyewear

This is a very special way to wear eyeglasses. SCHAU SCHAU eyeglass frames are crafted by goldsmith Christa Karas-Waldheim. She applies 18-karat yellow or white gold elements and with gemstones on request.