10 – 14 Uhr
im Juli & August

Needs Analysis & Vision Consult


A team of excellently educated opticians, who continuously educate themselves comprehensively, supported by the latest in technology guarantee ideal optical solutions.

Visioffice – the innovative testing and consultation system
It determines the true three-dimensional position of the eye’s centre of rotation. It collects all war parameters of viewing habits and the personal eye code.

Glass demonstration
An interactive simulation of various glass types illustrates their effect and benefits.

Frame consultation
Digital images and films of the person wearing eyeglasses support the selection.

VisuReal – The latest in technology in professional hands
This software allows experiencing various eyeglasses and frames on the iPad.


We offer complete medical consultation including all preventive examinations such as intraocular pressure, visual field measurements, tear film examinations, diabetes mellitus, glaucoma, cataract, macular degeneration, etc.

DDr. Christian P. Kozich, F.E.B.O.
Ophthalmologist and Optometrist
1010 Wien, Rotenturmstraße 11/2nd floor

Tel.: +43/1/532 05 793

Lens Tests – Refraction

Lenses/dioptric values determined through objective and subjective measuring methods for a personally satisfying vision experience.

Contact Lenses

Limitless acuity during sports activities and play. In our studio, which is equipped at the latest technical level,we offer the adaptation of permanent, daily, short wear,progressive, soft, hard and coloured contact lenses.